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Morimatsu specializes in the design,fabrication and commissioning of bioreactor and fermentation systems.We combine our bio-engineering technology and R&D experience in module fabrication to provide clients with more value-added bioreactors and fermenters based on more flexible customized design and achieving optimal performance.

Scope of Service:

· Process proposal with clients at early stage,can better meet client's requirements

· Total solution for fermentation,centrifugation and purification

· Unique air isolation technology,guarantee our system asepsis

· GAMP5 compliant validation documents

· Eliminate restricted bio-technical limitation from European and Amercian countries

· Fast and convenient after-sale service

Bacterial Fermentation System:

· Effective stirring and air distribution systems guarantee high aeration requirement of fermentation

· Flexible operation models are available for different production requirements:Manual,automated and user-defined custom built

Bioreactor for Mammalian Cell Culture:

· Optimized stirring and air distribution system meet mammalian cell culture requirement.

· Unique air isolation technology improves our system's sterility and avoids cross contamination inside the fernenter caused by bacteria from external sources.

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