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Multi-function Filter (Washing, Filtration, and Drying)

.B Type agitation driving part with compact structure and safer operation

.NSS system, easy to achieve automatic control

.Unique sealing structure to reduce the possibility of particle intrusion into the filter.

.Humanized quick-opening bottom plate design with simple and convenient operation

.CIP and SIP design for the whole system to meet the requirement of GMP


Total Process System

Provides clients whole set equipment and total process


F200 Crystallizer

Utilizing advanced CFX Simulation Software and our professional agitator lab, we develop the new stirring paddle with national patent adopted for solvent-out crystallization:

. Less impact on mixing effect caused by level changing and material viscosity changing

. Excellent crystal homogeneity, less impurity and high quality high yield

. Improved aggregation degree, easier for filling


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