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Morimatsu is a global leader in the delivery of modular preparation systems. With more than 800 units delivered, we continue to specialize in the design and fabrication of preparation system for many of the industry’s most respected pharmaceutical innovators.

Our preparation systems have been widely specified for the manufacture of biopharmaceutical products, small volume injectables (lyophilized products, liquid microsphere, liposome, fat emulsion), and large volume injection (amino acid, fat emulsion), eye drop, contrast agent, oral liquid, etc. Our process design includes a guarantee of sterility, with minimum product loss, fully capable of CIP and SIP, easy operation and maintenance. We support our clients through FDA, EMA, WHO and other GMP validations with completely traceable documentation.

As a member of ASME BPE Main Committee and System Design Subcommittee, we know the latest industry developments and advanced technologies. At the same time we help to promote innovation within the industry by contributing our rich experience acquired through years of design and fabrication.

l  Advanced Design

Strict adherence to ASME BPE standards and ISPE Guidelines

l Modular Concept

Improves project quality, facilitating globally project delivery and optimizing site installation

l  Professional Design Software

PDMS 3D software for easy design review guaranteeing no dead leg, minimum product loss, convenient and safe operation and maintenance.

l  Reliable Data

Controls and automation for collecting data and keeping records of the production, cleaning procedure, and to generate production reports



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