Company Milestone

  • Japan Plant

Company Foundation

In 1947, Mr. Tatsuo Matsuhisa, started the business in Gifu, Japan, on his family’s property. In 1963, the company received the Class 1 Pressure Vessel manufacturing certificate from the Japanese MHLW. Morimatsu Industry Co., Ltd. was officially established in Japan in 1964, with Mr. Nobuo Matsuhisa as the president. As the pioneer for stainless vessel manufacturing, Morimatsu designed and manufactured the first stainless shell-plate-vessel in the world. Today, Morimatsu remains the world’s largest manufacturer for stainless equipment for civil construction, aviation, cosmetics, life sciences and many other industrials.

  • Shanghai Airport Plant

  • Nantong Plant

  • Songjiang Plant

Come to China

In 1990, Shanghai Morimatsu Pressure Vessel Co., Ltd. was established in Pudong, Shanghai, as the first Morimatsu oversea subsidiary company. This was also the first foreign invested company in Pudong New District, Shanghai, and was named Pudong No. 1. Over the next 20 years, the size of Morimatsu increased dramatically, and more subsidiary companies were set-up, dedicated to different industries, including chemical, fine chemical, pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, nuclear, off-shore, and new energy. Three modern manufacturing centers were build, totaling more than 800,000m2; 2 located in Shanghai and 1 in Jiangsu Province, on an island in the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone.  Here, the booming economy has expedited the growth of Morimatsu. As a global hi-tech leader, Morimatsu provides R&D, design, manufacturing, sales and marketing to our international customers.

  • Stockholm, Sweden

  • Houston, US

  • Mumbai, India

Global Expansion

Based in Japan and China, Morimatsu participates as a supplier, marketing equipment globally. To better service the US market, where many of the world’s leading engineering companies are located, Morimatsu established an office in Houston, then several years later, another in New Jersey. In 2014, Pharmadule Morimatsu was set-up in Mumbai, to better support our customers in India.  In 2011, Morimatsu acquired Pharmadule, the world leader in the design and delivery of modular facilities to the Life Science Industry and established Pharmadule Morimatsu AB in Stockholm. This strong combination has allowed Morimatsu to combine process modularization with modular facility, to deliver to our clients’ real turnkey solution.

Morimatsu Today

With a 70-year history and more than 5000 employees, Morimatsu is doing business in more than 50 countries. Among our global clients, are top 10 pharmaceutical and consumer goods giants like Roche, Pfizer, Abbvie, Johnson&Johnson, Sanofi, Merck, Novartis, GSK, Amgen. It is Morimatsu’s precious craftsman spirit and emphasis to detail with a continuous pursuit of perfection that allow us to bring sustainable developed value to our clients, employees and to society.