About Us

Morimatsu was founded in Japan in 1947. Today, Morimatsu is a world leader in the delivery of innovative process solutions and modular facilities with more than 5000 global employees. We have manufacturing plant throughout Asia and sales and engineering offices in Shanghai, Stockholm, Houston, and Mumbai. Our professionals are ready to support your project to ensure your process manufacturing requirements are satisfied.

The Morimatsu Group is active in many different industries including Life Science and Consumer Products and is dedicated to supplying process solutions and customized equipment to many of the largest companies within these industries. We have successfully delivered multiple projects in different global locations to leading companies like Amgen, Bayer, Eli Lilly, Novartis, Roche, Abbvie,  Pfizer,and Johnson & Johnson .

It is Morimatsu’s culture to see our clients’ development as our own development and our clients’ success as our own success. We strive to help our clients to sustain their growth by supplying the most advanced equipment and process modules, innovative customer service, craftsmanship and an expanding capacity to accommodate client’s specific needs.

The Client’s need is our drive, our goal is to grow together with our clients and become their long term global strategic partner.

Life Science and Consumer Products Division