What attract clients to work with us?

  • Guaranteed Japanese Quality

    Our roots go back nearly 70 years and are closely tied to Japanese craftsmanship, and a focus on details and pursuit of perfection.  The Morimatsu staff strives to master the most advanced knowhow and expertise to improve working efficiency, product quality and safety, no matter the position, our workers are focused on their own responsibilities, and always regard it as the most critical part of the whole project execution. Experience sharing and technology transfer are a large part of our tradition to improve the overall technical level of the whole team.

  • Knowledgeable International Team of Professionals

    As a global company, we are proud to offer a team with expertise from Asia, Europe, and North America to provide seamless customized solutions to our clients. Our team can respond quickly to changing regulations. We are also good at listening to our client’s advice and comments and can adjust our proposal, design and working procedure to meet their specific requirement.

  • Flexible and Cost Effective Solution

    With the advanced technology from Japan and Sweden, we have a rich history in helping clients to optimize their processes and designs to make the project more cost effective. By leveraging Morimatsu’s fabrication capacity throughout Asia, skilled teams, and competitive labor costs, we contribute to our customer’s success with quality equipment that stays within their budget.

  • Global Reach and Local Base

    Utilizing our unique modular design from our fabrication plants, Morimatsu can deliver process solutions anywhere in the world.  We have successfully delivered our equipment to more than 30 countries for use by local manufacturers and many of the world’s largest multinational companies. With offices in North America and Europe, we are local, to help to work together to design a process solution and provide life-cycle support.

  • Big and Expandable Capacity

    Morimatsu has more than half a million square meters of fabrication capacity and we continue to add capabilities and grow our capacity to keep up with our client’s needs. Morimatsu is capable of satisfying our client’s most extensive process requirements. This expanding capability is one reason why many of the most dynamic companies in the world have chosen Morimatsu as their preferred global partner.

  • Modular Solution

    Morimatsu has specialized in the design and fabrication of process modules for the Life Sciences and Consumer Products Industries for more than 15 years. Our latest innovation is “Extreme Modularization”. We adopted this approach to maximize off-site construction and help clients to reduce the site installation from weeks to days and hours. Using advanced technology, like 4D simulation and 3D scanning, have allowed Morimatsu to facilitate faster site installation with benchmark projects that have accomplished record completion for the industry. As the modular leader, Morimatsu’s value has been recognized by our clients for faster project delivery, lower risk, predictable implementation, and great flexibility all while delivering low cost.