Biotech Industry

The expanding the Biotech Industry requires strategic development planning to handle the growing global demand. New production technologies are emerging, providing increased yields and the need to redesign and debottleneck the manufacturing process.

Morimatsu has been supporting the Biotech Industry with specialty process equipment since the beginning and can offer a global team of experts to lead your project.  Many among our international staff have spent their 20+ year careers in this field gaining rich and diverse experience to support your project.

We provide complete process solutions: from bioreactor, fermenters, through media/buffer preparation, harvest and purification, all the way to formulation, biowaste, and CIP systems. Our engineered solutions are designed to minimize product loss and are fully CIP/SIP capable, while being easy to install,operate and maintain.As the end-to-end solution provide from upstream through downstream, we can eliminate interfaces for easy project management and delivery.

  • Meida Preparation

  • Cell Cultivation

  • Buffer Preparation

  • Harvest

  • Purification

  • Formulation

  • Biowaste

  • CIP Station