MES Solution

Morimatsu can provide a full range of products, which include modularized unit equipment, production lines, and digital factory solutions, based upon our modularized intelligent equipment, for our pharmaceutical, FMCG, fine chemical clients. As the strategic partner of Siemens and Schneider, we can offer our clients a flexible automated production line meeting the requirement of multiple variety and multiple batches.  By adopting the Batch + MES system of either Siemens or Schneider, and making the switch among different formulas more convenient and simple, Morimatsu can help you to achieve the needs of full informatization centralized management.  We can assist clients to

• Optimize production manufacturing management patterns and emphasize process management and control;
• Emphasize the collaboration capacity of various production departments, improve the working efficiency, and reduce the production cost;
• Improve the reliability and accuracy of production data, Promote standardization and reduce human interference;