Site Installation

Morimatsu deploys experienced, fully equipped construction teams to ensure a safe, secure and high quality site installation.

All site work is completed according to our process quality control and management systems.  The Project Manager, Safety Manager, Construction Manager and associated Professional Engineers comprise the core of Site Installation Management Team.  Working together with well-trained qualified operators to tightly control the entire installation, this team can rapidly respond to the any issues occurring on site.  We conduct site installation based upon construction technology control and verify each procedure is in accordance with the construction planning and ITP, ensuring the quality and efficiency.

We offer each client a customized visual installation service by utilizing the 3D, 4D, and VR platforms.  Other advanced technologies are also available to accurately simulate the complete installation process.  This service allows Morimatsu to improve collaboration efficiency and achieve faster site installation.  Additionally, we can provide a VR/3D model for plant maintenance.

Advantages of our site installation services include:

• Experienced construction teams, strictly conducting site installation in accordance with construction plan and construction technology
• Control and verification of each procedure on site on the basis of ITP.
• Material management system to guarantee traceability.
• Visual installation services to accurately simulate installation.