Modular Solutions

As a leader in the delivery of complex projects, we can offer modular solutions to our Life Science, FMCG, Food and Beverage clients. Modular fabrication and off-site construction guarantee both quality and safety through fabrication and integration of the core system in a safe, clean and controlled environment. 80% ~ 90% of your facility installation will be completed before the facility has been delivered to the site. The advantages of a modular project execution include faster project delivery, reduced risk, and optimized flexibility, reliability, and predictability.

Extreme Modularization is the next step in project efficiency to maximize the scope fabricated off site and minimize the period of site installation. Morimatsu has adopted 3D, 4D and other advanced technologies to accurately simulate the site installation, and reduce the site installation period from months and weeks to days and hours. We have a benchmark project where the site installation was completed in 24 hours. Extreme Modularization can be regarded as the evolution of regular modularization, and creates more benefits for our clients.

Advantages of Extreme Modularization:

• Maximize cost effectiveness
• Optimize layout and process flow
• Minimize work offsite
• Reduce site duration
• Enhance site safety
• Improve globally quality
• Repeatable global solution
• Upgradable and uniform platform management